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Getting Ready Outfits for the Bride and Her Bridesmaids

The wedding day has finally arrived! You wake up that morning with fresh mimosas made by your MOH. What do you envision you and your girls wearing that morning? Seems like a silly question but one that can actually be a tough decision. Will you surprise them with matching robes or will it be something unique no one has done yet? Think cozy and also cute because remember your photographer will be there all day.  Need some help? Check out our favorites.

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Five Unique Wedding Signs

Have you asked yourself is wedding signage necessary and should I budget for these items? Do I need a sign for every table? Have you spent hours on Etsy trying to find the perfect unique signs? If you answered yes, no worries you are in the right place and if you answered no you are still in the right place because I just saved you hours of research. This list is the best I repeat the best wedding signs on the market and can also be DIYed if you are the crafty type.

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