Five Unique Wedding Signs

Have you asked yourself is wedding signage necessary and should I budget for these items? Do I need a sign for every table? Have you spent hours on Etsy trying to find the perfect unique signs? If you answered yes, no worries you are in the right place and if you answered no you are still in the right place because I just saved you hours of research. This list is the best I repeat the best wedding signs on the market and can also be DIYed if you are the crafty type.

1. Wood signs

Photo by:  Jen Menard Photo
Photo by: Anna Moore Watkins

Photo by: Anna Moore Watkins

We will begin with ole trusty. The classic wooden sign these are most of the time hand painted and can range from $20-80 on Etsy. However, I prefer renting here at the barn or DIYing them myself.

Photo by:  Jen Menard Photo
Source:  Jose Villa Blog

Don't forget about the arrows you wouldn't want your guests getting lost. Shop Here

2. The clear acrylic sign

I am not a trendy girl but I have to say I LOVE this trend. They are chic and modern when you pair that with a rustic barn you have the ultimate combination.

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3. The NEON Sign

I mean this one speaks for itself who doesn't want their name in lights or at least their favorite saying. You can find a gem like this on Amazon Handmade.

4. The Fabric Banner

There is something so magical about a wedding sign blowing in the wind that sets the tone for the wedding. These can be found on Etsy, or you could make them with a projector, some paint, and a sheet. Shop Here

5. The Vintage Mirror Sign

HELLO GORGEOUS! This is by far my favorite, glamorous and chic. You could accomplish this look with an old flea market score and some paint. Shop Here