Ten Unique Wedding Send-Off Ideas

When the night has finally come to a close, and it is time to make your grand exit. What will you use for your wedding exit toss? Will you go with the traditional throwing of rice or the newest trend and have your guests throw colorful confetti. If you are not sure, do not fret we are here to give you a few ideas that may help with your decision.

N Crase Photo

N Crase Photo

1. SPARKLERS: This one seems to be everyone's favorite here at the barn. We are one of the few venues that allow for a sparkler send-off, so our bride takes advantage of this opportunity. I mean who doesn't want that fairytale kiss by your new husband surrounded by all of your friend and family holding sparklers. There is something so magical about this send-off.

2. Fireworks: For the adventures bride. I mean does this one even need a description. Leaving to a firework show,  is there anything more romantic than this?

Source:  Hello May   Photo:  Trent & Jessie

Source: Hello May  Photo: Trent & Jessie

3. Flowers: Paper cones filled with flowers or rose petals. This idea can be an affordable and unique way to send off the bride and groom or even celebrate after the ceremony. The paper cones are also a fun wedding DIY.

Source: Wedding Ideas Magazine

Source: Wedding Ideas Magazine

4.Confetti: The colorful send off! Confetti poppers, paper cones filled with confetti, or even confetti by the handfuls no matter how you package it this exit is one to remember.

Source:  Style Light De

5. Bubbles: Who doesn't love to blow bubbles, also you can get these at the dollar store in bulk.  

6.Rice: For the traditional bride. The OG send off. The way your grandparent's who have been married for 50 years left their wedding. There is something so sweet about this send-off.

Source:  Wedding Chicks  Photo by:  The Goodness

Source: Wedding Chicks Photo by: The Goodness

7. Glow sticks: For the retro bride. This is a unique and fun way to leave your wedding. I mean how cool are those send-off images going to be! Plus your guests will love taking them home and reliving their childhood.

Photo by:  Rue De Seine

Photo by: Rue De Seine

8. Feathers: For the whimsical brides. This exit is sure to be the dreamiest your guests have ever seen.

Source:  Wedding Chicks

9. Chinese Lanterns: Wow! This one is probably my favorite. How beautiful and unique. Plus you can order them on Amazon.

10. Beach balls: This one is unique. I love the idea but make sure you don't have a wild bunch, I would hate for one to hit the bride and groom.

Photo by: Be Light Photography

Photo by: Be Light Photography

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