Ideas for Incorporating your Four-legged BFF in your Barn Wedding

Have yall seen the new wedding donkey who acts as a waiter carrying beers and presents to guests? We are kind of obsessed. If you haven't seen this, don't worry I have attached a picture below, because it is pretty great. Three Oaks Barn is the perfect place to host all of your wedding animal dreams. With a wide range of land and an outside venue, I would say it's pretty spot on perfect for your special day. If you aren't sure how to correctly include your animal here are a few ways to feature your pet on your special day.

1) Beer Burro

Photo via ( The Knot )

Photo via (The Knot)

We haven't had this animal visit the farm yet but we are so ready! Hello, adventures bride!

2) Dog Ring Bearer

Photo: Amanda Berube Photography  Three Oaks Barn

Photo: Amanda Berube Photography

Three Oaks Barn

The cutest ring bearer you ever did see!

3) Horse Taxi

Three Oaks Farm

Three Oaks Farm

Would you like to be brought in on a horse or leave on a horse or both? A real-life fairy tale.

4) Last but not least the unicorn.

I mean what bride doesn't want a unicorn?