Hosting the Perfect Bridal Shower

You are chosen as maid of honor your first line of duty, the bridal shower. This event has to be wonderful; you are feeling stressed because this is your first chance to prove you are the best MOH. So how do you create this perfect event you ask. Well, we have tried to answer all of your questions right here on this blog.

Who is going to help?

The main people you will ask for help will be the bride's mom, the groom's mom, your tribe, and of course Pinterest. Remember to try and not ask the bride for help, she has a lot on her plate, and this is one thing she doesn't have to worry about. No worries though because you got this! Once you decide who will help, create a budget and determine who will be paying for what, this is crucial to do in the beginning.


Date & who to invite?

The shower should be held anywhere between 8 months to 1 month before the wedding.  As for the invitation list, you can ask anyone your heart desires. However, I would advise you to run this list by the bride; you do not want to invite someone who she doesn't want there. Also, remember your budget while making this list.


What will the theme be and what food and drink will be served?

I would suggest a fun signature cocktail if the bride drinks. I mean who doesn't want a cocktail named after them. As for the food, light snacks and dessert are always perfect. I would spend the next week pinteresting deciding on which theme you will be choosing and stick with this. Remember this theme should be something the bride will absolutely love. If she is a boho bride, a cactus inspired theme would be perfect. Just a suggestion. :)


Gifts and games?

Will this be a saucy gift party or classic? Will the gifts have a theme? Will there be gifts at all? These are all decision that needs to be made and printed on your invitations, so your guests are in the know. If you choose saucy gifts, make sure to run this by the bride.


What games?

Choose wisely, you want to make sure the games you choose are ones the guests will ACTUALLY play. There is nothing worse than trying to host a game that nobody wants to participate in. I have listed a few suggestions below.

Couples Quiz.

Trivia .

Guess who?

True or false.

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