Wedding Week To-Dos

Photos by: Taylor Faith Photography

Florals: Mallory DeNuzzia - Wildflower MJ


The week before your wedding shouldn't be stressful take a deep breath and let your wedding coordinator handle ALL of the last minute details, that is what they are there for. Enjoy yourself this is your week, love on your soon to be husband and do the fun last minute things like DIY table placements.


1. Relax

Stay at our guest house the week of or at least a few days before your big day. It is a real life fixer upper just like Chip and Jojo. Order plenty of wine and spend time with your girls. Watch old movies and just have fun. I mean it is your week after all.


2. Document

 Take a ton of pictures. Truly love every minute of it don't ruin it by being stressed. Take it all in. It will go by so fast. Sip coffee on the porch, have long talks with your girls and do not check the weather every second. Rain is good luck. Take it from me it will be perfect it always is. Especially in our one of a kind barn.


3. Listen to good music and eat.

Maybe do yoga or activities that take the stress away. Once again eat, you have dieted plenty by this week and the next few days will not make a difference. So enjoy yourself! Spend as much time as you can with family and friends it is not every day you have them all in one place.


4. Read your vows

Edit any last minute changes. Be careful not to let your fiance hear you want to keep them a secret.


5. Pack your honeymoon bags

Make sure they are in the hands of your event coordinator. Prepare yourself for that tropical getaway with your HUSBAND. Yes, that is right your husband because girl you are finally getting married!


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