Five Must Have Southern Wedding Traditions

Photography: Shumann Photography, Jen Menard Photography, Taylor Faith Photography

Here in the south, we love a good southern tradition- especially when it refers to a wedding! An outdoor venue filled with seersucker, belly laughs, and live music we just cannot get enough! Hello, Steel Magnolia- the perfect example! Our team has gathered what we believe to be the most important traditions to include in your southern wedding.

#1 Borrowed & Blue

I hold this tradition so dear to my heart! Having the chance to wear a piece of jewelry or that special something passed on from generations before is so unbelievable. On the most important day of your life you can carry on a tradition to pass down to your future daughter one day. I mean how cool is that? The south is truly great! As for the something blue, this is where you can get creative. It can be anything from your garter, to an elegant sapphire necklace that creates your ultimate wedding look.

#2 Wedding Weekends

Let’s be honest, we have been dreaming about this day since we were little girls, playing dress-up in mom’s old wedding dress. Why only make it a day when you can turn it into a whole weekend?!? Here in the south, we do what is called a wedding weekend. It starts with Friday brunch with your wedding party and then turns into you and your bridesmaids. It is the perfect way to get the whole wedding experience. At Three Oaks Farm, we have our very own fixer upper, ideal for a wedding weekend. Just wait till you see pictures, coming soon to the blog.

#3 The Charm Pull Cake

Ah the wedding cake, the most important part of your big day. Just kidding…but seriously, who doesn’t love wedding cake? I mean does anyone else think about ordering one for themselves? Just me? Okay, anyways, this is the perfect way to include your bridesmaids on your special day without breaking out in a Beyonce dance for your new husband. Although, if you are doing a surprise dance we love that too! Note- we’re still waiting on that one here at the farm! So the charm cake is filled with charms tied to ribbons that are baked into layers of the cake. So right before you smash the piece of cake into your new husband’s face, or sweetly feed him whatever you prefer, each bridesmaid will pick a charm and pull. The charm that the bridesmaid pulls represents something to come in the future. So ultimately you can pretty much tell the future with these charms. 

#4 Groom’s Cake

The groom’s cake is a way for the bride to tell her fiance “Yes! That is an excellent idea!” This cake is where the groom’s opinion is the most valued. It is his time to shine! We’ve seen everything from a golf course cake to an armadillo. Let’s just pray that he doesn’t go too crazy with this because remember this is his part in the wedding planning.

#5 Burying the bourbon bottle

While some do a rain dance, but we here in the south bury bourbon.  This is where you and your soon to be husband bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down at the ceremony spot. The bourbon will bring good luck to your wedding day and keep inclement weather away. Here is the best part, after the ceremony y’all dig up the bottle of bourbon and enjoy! Of course, you will want to share with your guests unless it is a mini bottle.